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  • Rachel McKinney

Week 3 - Apples!

This week we had so much fun exploring with apples!

We played in our apple themed sensory bin....

We played apple BINGO!

We practiced our cutting and created charts of the apple life cycle...

We even used apples to paint with!

We built our own "apple trees" (some with apples... some without)...

Then, we got messy and took apples apart to examine all the different parts. Peels, seeds, and cores, OH MY!

But what fun would this week be if we didn't get to eat apples? So, we made applesauce!

We started by prepping the apples...

Then, we let the apples cook in the crock pot for a few hours (our classroom smelled delicious!) and we got...


Our snack after nap was quite delicious...

This week was a bushel of fun!

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